Fast setting and drying time
Good water balance
Good transfer on press
Paper suitable for art coated paper
Based on the need of environmental protection of the marker nowadays, this product is made with mainly vegetable oil. It is a quality but low price new product being developed and manufactured with modernized and sophisticated technology. It compiles with the environmental protection standards of European and American countries, this product has fine  ink quality, brilliant color ,high color density, good gloss ,sharp dot, detailed structure, with good resistance to rub and heat. It has the advantages of not skin on the press but fast dry on paper. It has stabilized emulsification and printability. It is easily operated and be applied on the press directly without  the need to add any auxiliary material.
The product is suitable for use of such base material as art paper, white board paper. It is specially good  for coated paper to print various high-end magazine, advertisement, label and high class decorative material.
Test method:
Viscosity(DM):measured by Spreadmeter(60sec/25℃)
Tackness value(TV): measured by ink-o-meter(60sec/400rpm,32℃)
Particle size: measured by Grinding gauge(u m)
Gloss value: measured by Glossmeter(60’)
Set time: measured by setting tester(120g/㎡,ink 0.01cc)
Rub resistant: measured by rub tester